The KBB Journey

The KBB Journey

A journey, a quest, a pilgrimage, going from one place to another, that's what's happening for us at Krazy Blessed Boutique. 

Krazy Blessed Boutique is a journey of the heart for the women in our family. We live in different states, are in various stages of life, but we each have several things in common.  We each have a deep love for Jesus, we absolutely love being together, we adore cute clothes, and we each have been abundantly and over the top KRAZY BLESSED!  

Our online boutique is based out of many states because we live all over; Oklahoma, Illinois, and Arkansas, and wherever else life's adventures take us!

We are beyond thrilled to embark on this fashion journey of providing quality, affordable fashion to you!  So grab a cup of coffee, your favorite comfy outfit, put your feet up, do a little shopping, and enjoy this journey with us.  

We truly are Krazy Blessed! (I mean look at that fam above!!!) 


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